New CFD with Intuitive Expression Editor & Shiny New UI

On the chase for the usability holy grail, the updated 3CX Call Flow Designer (CFD) adds a refreshed User Interface (UI) and a radical drag-and-drop Expression Editor. Add to that the usual mix of core improvements and fixes, and you have reason enough to install the latest CFD!

Visually Expressive

New CFD Expression Editor

Based on a cooler icon set and at the same time more technical look-and-feel, the new CFD’s refreshed UI lets you focus more on the task at hand. All without distracting from the re-designed Expression Editor, the star of the latest CFD release, bringing:

  • Visual expressions – drag-and-drop inbuilt functions, variables and constant values from “Expression Elements”, to intuitively construct complex expressions without opening a myriad of nested Expression Editor windows.
  • Easy-to-find functions – inbuilt functions are now grouped into easy to reference categories.
  • Dynamic constant values – available constant values are now dynamically included in the “Expression Elements” when components are added to the CFD canvas.

Requirements & Known Issues

  • New “Transfer” component option for transferring to an extension’s voicemail requires 3CX v16 Update 2.

How to Download

Download the new 3CX Call Flow Designer or use the built-in “Check for Updates” function to install, and test drive your Call Flow apps with the latest 3CX v16 Update 2 for Windows or Linux:

View the change log and give us your feedback via our dedicated community forum.