3CX Live Chat & Talk: New update brings offline mode

Your website is never closed, it can be visited at any time and from any location. Meaning that your visitors might need to contact you in the middle of the night or during a public holiday. If you’re not available to take the chat, you could miss out on a sales opportunity.

The latest version of 3CX Live Chat & Talk introduces an offline form mode, enabling you to keep your communication channel open even when you’re out of office. So while you and your team are catching up on some valuable leisure time, 3CX Live Chat & Talk acts as your off-hours virtual assistant.

We’ll Get Back to You

Chat Message in 3CX Web Client via the Live Chat and Talk Offline Form

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. An offline form is presented to web visitors automatically, when you’re not available or logged out. Website visitors reaching out to you, can submit their information through this form, when your agents are back online they can contact them. The form info is delivered as a chat message, conveniently accessible via the 3CX Web Client and apps.

How to get the Update

Head over to your WordPress administration panel and update to the latest plugin version. Iif you are not using the WordPress plugin of 3CX Live Chat & Talk, download it from here.

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