3CX Partners: Claim your customers now – Get points and margin

With V15, we have made it possible to link customers (existing and potential) to your reseller account so as to make ordering renewals and upgrades easy. Further benefits are:

  • Partner points are automatically assigned to your account.
  • Get free support for those linked customers (in future, support will be linked to license keys).
  • Check the status of your customer installations from the portal.
  • Renew or upgrade customer keys with the click of a button.

Customers who are not linked to a reseller account will be able to purchase maintenance directly from 3CX.

Link your customers to your 3CX reseller account
How to link an installation to your account

It’s easy – during installation, enter your partner ID at the license activation step. Alternatively you can do it from the management console. You can find your reseller ID in the top right corner of your partner portal (https://customer.3cx.com).

Linking a customer from the management console

Linking a customer to your 3CX reseller account from the management console

  1. Login to Management Console
  2. In the dashboard, check the “Reseller” section in the “Information” box. If the install is not linked, then it will show “Not Linked – Link”.
  3. Click on the green label and enter your reseller ID.

Linking a customer during installation

In this case you can specify your reseller ID in the “Registration Details “ step.

Linking a customer to your reseller account during setup
Link your leads or prospects to your account

If you generate leads from your website, email or simply by talking to people, you can have those leads auto assigned to your account by ensuring that your prospects downloads 3CX from your personal Reseller ID link. Just replace the [ID] field in the URL with your Reseller ID.

PBX express installs: – https://pbxexpress.3cx.com/?resellerId=[ID]
Downloads: https://www.3cx.com/phone-system/download-phone-system/?resellerId=[ID]

We suggest you promote this link on your website as well in your email signature. Every time a customer downloads using this link, the lead will be automatically yours!

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