The 3CX development team is now in “code-freeze” mode, which means 3CX v16 has reached Release Candidate (RC) status and is now close to launch! We will be holding a live Q&A session and live stream when the final is ready so make sure to watch this space.

Management Console UI Improvements Keep Coming

New Copy Extension Option added to the 3CX V16 Release Candidate

System administration is all about control. The v16 RC brings even more control and ease-of-use to administrators with these new features:

  • Double-click to edit is replaced with single-click across the whole UI to increase usability with touch-enabled devices and tablets. Picking list items is now more intuitive with selection checkboxes beside every item and a group-select checkbox to select all visible entries.
  • New long operation notifications for archiving and deleting Recordings, enable administrators to monitor the progress of time-consuming tasks.
  • Drag-and-drop BLF reordering for extensions, makes configuration easier and faster.
  • New “Copy Extension” function – quickly create a new extension by selecting an extension as a template to copy configuration options from, and provide the necessary info for the new extension.

Even More Web Client Updates

New Wallboard pop-out in the 3CX V16 Release Candidate

Users get their share of new Web Client features and improvements in RC, including:

  • New incoming queue call toastr notifications, making queue calls easily recognizable at a glance.
  • Adding participants to chats is now easier with a UI update.
  • The “Wallboard” view in “Switchboard” can be conveniently displayed as a separate pop-out window on your desktop.
  • The updated “Recordings” function now enables you to access your own and group member recordings, organized in “All” and “My Recordings” pagers. This feature depends on the group manager rights set by the PBX administrator.

How to Get the Release Candidate

Get the V16 Release Candidate for:

View the change log

If you already installed V16 Alpha or Beta on Windows, you will need to take a backup and uninstall your current installation. Download the V16 RC, reinstall and restore your backup during initial configuration.

We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback via our forum!