iOS update with improved chat functionality

Α cool app update for a hot summer: After the customary trip through the Beta stage, the updated iOS app has just been released and is available to install from the App Store. The wait for this new stable version was well worth it, as it brings to the table improved IPv6 support, tunnel encryption and chat functionality on par with the Web Client. Switching between apps has never been this easy!

IPv6 Networking and Secure Tunnel Support

IPv6 support in new 3CX iOS app

The new iOS app’s networking stack now provides built-in support for mobile communication providers offering pure IPv6 data connections over 4G LTE, e.g. Rogers (Canada) and EE (UK). Add to that the new secure Tunnel Encryption support to wrap the core advancements included in this release, with:

  • Fully encrypted tunnel connections – secure your communication against eavesdroppers and malicious operators.
  • Auto-setup – just provision the phone normally using a QR code and skip the complications of setting up and configuring TLS and SRTP encryption.

Chat-tastic! 😉 // Chat Away

 iOS update with improved chat functionality

The just-released iOS app brings these new chat goodies:

  • Create and name group chats – directly from the app, no need to switch to the Web Client.
  • Archive chats easily – de-clutter your chat discussions and move them to “Archived Chats”, without having to delete them. Just do a left swipe over any chat to archive or unarchive.
  • Chat with website visitors – combine the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin with your iOS app and:
    • Get more actions – Do a left half-swipe on any chat to bring up the “More” action menu and select: “Take Ownership”, “End chat session”, “Delete” and “Transfer”.
    • Easily distinguish website chats – with an updated icon, you can now differentiate between regular and website chats at a glance.
    • Know your visitors – the push notifications for website chats have been updated to display the visitor’s name and last message.
    • Website chats to a queue now add the name of the target queue in front of the visitor’s name, for easier recognition.
  • Attach documents – use “Messages” to exchange documents with your colleagues.

Requirements & Known Issues

  • New 3CX iOS app requires the latest V16 version with a valid, not self-signed, SSL certificate.

Install or update via the Apple App Store to gets this new iOS release. View the changelog and give us your feedback via our dedicated community forum.