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DNS Hooks
dns_serial_update (run by Add New DNS Zone, New Subdomain, Remove Subdomain)

dns_new_zone_add (run by Add New DNS Zone)

dns_new_subdomain_add (run by Add New SubDomain)

dns_zone_remove (run by DNS Domain Delete)

dns_subdomain_remove (run by SubDomain Delete)

Example available data from the array:

Regular Acount
Array ( [domain] => centos-webpanel.com [status] => OK [username] => someuser1 )

Reseller SubAccount
Array ( [domain] => centos-webpanel.com [status] => OK [username] => someuser1 [reseller] => somereseller1 )

Reseller Account
Array ( [domain] => centos-webpanel.com [status] => OK [username] => someuser1 [reseller] => 1 )

Create file and add content to it with the same function of the filename without .php part.

Example for DNS Serial Update
FILE: /usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/admin/hooks/dns/dns_serial_update.php

** functions are automatically run by the CWP!

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