Bulletin Messenger Facebook Integration

From this week Bulletin customers will be able to access Facebook as a channel for customers, contacts and staff in their Messenger communications.

Bruce Herbert, Managing Director at Bulletin.net, commented:  “In the same month as Facebook announced reaching 2 billion customers Bulletin announced its Messenger platform integration into Facebook.  We are making every effort to ensure our corporate customers benefit from the reach and popularity of Facebook within the messaging industry. We released a new version of our popular Messenger product on July 3rd, with a feature that allows New Zealand companies and government organisations to integrate with Facebook. Messenger will send and receive Facebook messages while maintaining the high standards of privacy and security our customers expect from us.”

The Facebook integration does not replace text messaging but it expands Bulletin’s corporate customers range of channels to communicate to individuals according to changing preferences and technology. Text messaging is by far the most popular and effective communication tool from business or government to individual, but this integration provides peace of mind to individuals who want a wider choice of channels they can use to respond to those messages.

What does this mean for current Users, Clients and Resellers?

With this integration, we effectively break the limitations of messaging by making Bulletin Messenger available to Facebook users (all 2 billion of them!) Worldwide.

Why integrate with Facebook?

Bulletin are continuously looking at new ways to make Bulletin Messenger the best-in-class, feature-rich Messaging Platform available to all. With the integration, you can now use Bulletin Messenger for:

* Online chat

* Text/SMS

* Email

* Facebook Messaging

Adding Facebook Messaging increases the use case possibilities of Bulletin Messenger.

When can I start to use this feature?

Immediately! We added this feature at the beginning of July on our Web version of Bulletin Messenger and will soon add it to our Mobile version (for both iOS and Android).

Why integrate with Facebook?

It is no coincidence that Facebook announced recently that they have 2 billion users. To maintain Bulletin Messenger’s position in the market as the messaging platform of choice, we have to ensure it is “future-proof”, adapting to ever-changing choices of communication. We do this by keeping up-to-date of the latest developments in the Messaging World, modelling how messaging will evolve and how future generations will use it.

How Bulletin customers use this new feature?



The next steps depend on the following, if you are a Bulletin Messenger Administrator you can link your existing Corporate Facebook account to your existing Bulletin Messenger desktop application.  If you do not have a Corporate Facebook account, you will need to create one.

Once you have both accounts for Bulletin Messenger and a Corporate Facebook Account, you will need to follow the steps below to create a Plugin ‘app’ to connect Bulletin Messenger and Facebook.  This should be done by an employee with administrator rights.

  1. Create an ‘app’ – with ‘basic setup’ (guide: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/)
  2. Add a “Product” of type ‘Webhooks’
    1. Create a New Subscription to the Page you built earlier
    2. Enter the callback URL as provided by Bulletin Messenger
    3. Enter the verify token as provided by Bulletin Messenger
    4. Subscribe to ‘messages’
    5. Click ‘verify and save’
    6. This will call the callback URL and link the app to the Bulletin Messenger callback
  3. Add a “Product” of type ‘Messenger’
    1. Generate a Token for the Facebook Page you created earlier
    2. Save the Token in the Bulletin Messenger ‘Facebook Page’ definition screen
    3. Enable “Webhooks”: Select your Facebook page. Click “Subscribe”
    4. “App Review for Messenger”: Pre-Reqs, check that these are in place:
      1. ‘pages_messaging’, so you can send a reply to messages from Facebook Users
      2. ‘pages_messaging_phone_number’, if you want to be able to send to Facebook User via MSISDN
      3. ‘pages_messaging_subscriptions’, if you want to be able to send messages to Facebook Users more than 24hrs after they have contacted you.
  1. Perform Housekeeping to achieve Facebook approval
    1. Provide an ‘app icon’
    2. Provide a URL to your privacy policy
    3. Provide a use case explaining why you’re communicating with people
    4. Provide a screencast illustrating typical conversations (required for beyond-24hr messages, pages_messaging_subscriptionspermission)
  2. Submit to Facebook for approval


Once the steps above have been completed the “How to guide” will help explain how to use this feature.  Videos will be available on the website soon and written guidelines can be found on the Bulletin Messenger desktop application.  Just click on the “Support” Icon and select the “Documentation” option then search for the Facebook section.


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