Affiliate programs and added value

Webmaster level: All Our quality guidelines warn against running a site with thin or scraped content without adding substantial added value to the user. Recently, we’ve seen this behavior on many video sites, particularly in the adult industry, but also elsewhere. These sites display content provided by an affiliate program—the Continue Reading

A new Googlebot user-agent for crawling smartphone content

Webmaster level: Advanced Over the years, Google has used different crawlers to crawl and index content for feature phones and smartphones. These mobile-specific crawlers have all been referred to as Googlebot-Mobile. However, feature phones and smartphones have considerably different device capabilities, and we’ve seen cases where a webmaster inadvertently blocked Continue Reading

Changes in crawl error reporting for redirects

Webmaster level: intermediate-advanced In the past, we have seen occasional confusion by webmasters regarding how crawl errors on redirecting pages were shown in Webmaster Tools. It’s time to make this a bit clearer and easier to diagnose! While it used to be that we would report the error on the Continue Reading

Google Publisher Plugin beta: Bringing our publisher products to WordPress

Cross-posted from the Inside AdSense blog. We’ve heard from many publishers using WordPress that they’re looking for an easier way to work with Google products within the platform. Today, we’re excited to share the beta release of our official Google Publisher Plugin, which adds new functionality to publishers’ WordPress websites. Continue Reading

Reducing Storage Costs with Microsoft VDI

As enterprises are adapting to more personally owned devices, IT is looking for a way to manage these devices and provide the users with access to corporate applications and data while ensuring compliance. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure via Remote Desktop Services enables IT to deliver corporate desktops and applications that employees Continue Reading

More detailed search queries in Webmaster Tools

Webmaster level: intermediate To help jump-start your year and make metrics for your site more actionable, we’ve updated one of the most popular features in Webmaster Tools: data in the search queries feature will no longer be rounded / bucketed. This change will become visible over the next few days. Continue Reading