ReadySpace in Partnership as Corporate Sponsor of CityCare

We’re proud of being part of the community. This is just a token of appreciation to our customers who have been supporting us for years. Its a simple gesture of giving back to the community.   Acknowledgement :   CityCare is a not-for-profit organization started in January 2007 by a Continue Reading

Webinar : Work, Move, Collaborate Securely with MailOnCloud Business Suite

Work, Move, Collaborate Securely with MailOnCloud Business Suite We are privilege to invite one of our close partner to share with us and our customers about MailOnCloud Business Suite. This email communication solution provides Small Medium Businesses to work, move, collaborate securely at a small price tag.Find out how you and your Continue Reading

FREE – iPad 2 16GB + 3G – give away!

iPads should be FREE and you truly deserve it! Winners will be announced every 15th of the month.   3 ways you can get yourself an iPad 2  a. Click “like” in our facebook page – b. Follow us – c. Register for a free MailOnCloud Business Email Service – Continue Reading

House of Joy – Silver Sponsorship

Our team is proud to be one of the silver sponsors in building a house of joy for the elderly.     The House Of JOY organizes activities to promote life-long learning to the elderly. CN PHOTO: Michael Chan.

Australia Trademark

ReadySpace Australia is proud to get a Trademark Certified. Our team at Australia will be moving towards activately engaging you at down under! Get what you deserve from ReadySpace.


One of the topics that I didn’t cover in depth in the Pro Git book is the reset command. Most of the reason for this, honestly, is that I never strongly understood the command beyond the handful of specific use cases that I needed it for. I knew what the Continue Reading

Cloud Computing vs ReadySpace Cloud Services

Many have been asking if ReadySpace Cloud Services is really Cloud Services or just simply hosting services. I’ve done some research and found a list of attributes and definitions of Cloud Computing. The following is a comparison based on Frost and Sullivan Cloud Computing definition. I can safely say that Continue Reading

8 Facts about IPv6

1. IPv6 isn’t backwards-compatible with IPv4, meaning that it’s not able to read most content that operates on an IPv4 system. At best, the user experience will be clunky and slow. At worst, instead of a webpage, all users will be able to view is a blank page. 2. No one is Continue Reading