How Malware Infects Websites

We all know that earning a spot on the Google blacklist can be devastating to your business.   If your web site is infected with malware then a visit from Google’s quality control team is sure to follow. Once they determine that a site is potentially harmful to visitors, they Continue Reading

Five Most Famous Good Guy Hackers

The term hacker really carries some negative connotations thanks to the media. Whenever there is an act of cyber crime the news media is quick to point out that hackers are responsible. Movies portray hackers as evil geniuses locked away in rooms as they navigate their way through mazes in Continue Reading

Malware That Affected Facebook Users

Statistics released by BitDefender in 2010 showed that 20 percent of Facebook’s users at that time were exposed to malware being distributed through malicious posts.   Even as people are more aware of malware being spread via Facebook, that number still hovers at 20 percent according to ZoneAlarm.   Over time, Facebook has seen Continue Reading

First Steps You Should Take on How to Become a Hacker for the Good Side of the Force

Being a security professional, or white hat hacker, is not a job that is easy. Anyone who wants to find work in the IT security field needs to have a lot of sincerity, dedication to learning, knowledge, ability to explore the thinking and the ability to think outside of the Continue Reading

Overcoming Phone Frustrations with Mobile Web Services

The Value of Extending Mobility to the SMB   Mobile phone usage has soared as users come to depend more on the convenient device in their pockets, over a heftier computer counterpart. A 424-page Morgan Stanley Report stated that half a billion people accessed mobile internet in 2009, with usage Continue Reading

Disadvantages of signature based web malware monitoring

When it comes to your website, nothing is more important than security. Monitoring and protecting your website against malware attacks is all that stands between a functional, working website that meets your needs and a domain name that’s dark, broken or worse: embarrassing for your brand or you.   The Continue Reading

5 Unique Ways for SMB’s to Increase Sales and Drive Foot Traffic

Are you not convinced that you need a mobile site yet? Well, Research has shown that 59% of people visit a local store after searching for it on a mobile device. The volume, stemming from mobile, is slightly higher than the 45% that search from a desktop computer or laptop. Impressively, over Continue Reading

Essential Practises of Building a User-friendly Mobile Site

A mobile site is a trimmed down, digestible version of your desktop website, providing the most up-to-date and relevant information for users on-the-go. Everything about your mobile site should reflect what is useful for your mobile audience. Here are some tips to building a user-friendly mobile presence:   Leave only Continue Reading