Cyber criminals on the attack

When the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked several times in 2011, it exposed the very personal information of 77 million online gaming customers, including passwords, addresses and credit card details. More importantly, it revealed the vulnerabilities of websites and systems from cybercriminals.   Things haven’t really changed much in 2012. Continue Reading

How Emails Hide Malicious Content?

Recently we’ve been focusing on email security risks regarding viruses. We’ve examined Viral email attachments and forwards, and today we look at the most well hidden kind of virus of them all: a virus hidden in the email body.   Viruses inside emails… how do they work?   Malicious content Continue Reading

Why The Tourism Industry Needs Email Security?

When we imagine the industries that come under threat from email security attacks, most of us consider that finance; banking, law and medical science could be targets. But the truth is, a lot of under industries need email security too, including the tourism and heritage industries. Today we look at Continue Reading

How Seriously Do You Take The Spam Threat?

Most of the top anti-spam solutions today only deliver 95% effectiveness. For us, that’s not good enough. A border-line attack that can get through that 5% gap in defenses could actually cost your organization millions when taking into account business lost, exposure to privacy threats and brand loyalty. What sort Continue Reading

Still Keeping Professionals Up At Night!

This news may come as a surprise to the minority of readers, but most of our readers already know there are huge problems with email security across all industries. In a recent survey, it was found that the majority of IT, legal, security and compliance professionals believe that the regular Continue Reading