Choose Email Security That Is Ready For Enterprise-Level Protection

How far does your email security solution go to protect your organization from email security threats? Many organizations today are still relying on old-school in house email security systems, which require constant maintenance, monitoring and updating. On top of that the resources and funding used to carry out email security maintenance could be best Continue Reading

What Is Machine Learning, And How Does It Apply To Email Security?

As cyber crime evolves, so too does web security and email security. Email security methods now involve a host of technologies and protocols, and the trick with a great email security system is that users and administrators don’t need to be concerned with the vast amount of work that is going on “under the hood”, don’t need Continue Reading

What Exactly is a Phishing Attack On Email Security?

Email security and web security threats come in many forms but none have grown in notoriety this year like the Phishing email attack. The rising occurrence of phishing attacks and of low-volume attacks is a much talked about phenomenon.   What is a phishing email?   Phishing email is a kind of spam email that purports to be from Continue Reading

How Behavioral Analysis Works In The Email Security Universe

Behavioral analysis is something that humans practice every day without knowing it. We read other people’s body language, take queues from their tone of voice and analyze their choice of words. This concept stems into technology and email security too. With the advancement of cyber crime also comes the advancement of email security methods, Continue Reading

Back To Basics In Email Security: Content Scanning Explained

Did you know that email spam makes up the majority of all email sent globally every day? It’s been around for a while, trying to attack firms email security, but because of this there is a wealth of experience out there from battling email spam. As email communications have grown in popularity, email security solutions have Continue Reading

New Employees? Train Them In Email Security With These Tips

Nothing is a bigger risk to corporate email security than human error. In order to foster a corporate culture of secure email communications, it’s important to get employees trained and aware in the right security protocols and soon as they’re in the door. The following tips are easy to implement Continue Reading

Benefit of using Cloud Hosting to do your e-marketing online seminar 雲端寄存助你網上營銷網絡研討會

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  • September 28, 2011
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ReadySpace Linux 虛擬伺服器提供自由收費系統。 用戶可自由隨時升降RAM與空間資源、並沒有任何斷線時間, 特別適用於電子推廣公司幫助其客人作電子宣傳。 當有宣傳時、推廣公司不再擔心伺服器不能提供足夠的資源,亦不需要用大量金錢預早購買新的伺服器及升級網絡, 以致宣傳過後資源突然變得多餘。 同時虛擬伺服器寄存版本亦提供強勁功能的控制台、客戶可透過控制台就能輕易地上下載檔案, 以及新增減電郵戶口等控制、無需操作Linux經驗。 最後我們也有提供在香港的虛擬伺服器,對於有興趣廣展中國生意的朋友帶來重大優勢,因為ReadySpace香港的特別專用網絡對中國內用戶擁有極之出色的連接。   後記: 此Webinar會用廣東話 (白話) 作分享語言   Synopsis   Cloud e-marketing online seminar   ReadySpace Linux VPS provide a flexible billing system for user upgrade and downgrade RAM with disk space without any downtime. This is good news for the digital marketing agencies since they can get enough Continue Reading

ReadySpace Achieves a Microsoft Silver Hosting Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network

    ReadySpace Earns Distinction through Demonstrated Technology Success and Customer Commitment   Singapore — September, 15, 2011 — ReadySpace, Cloud and Managed Hosting, today announced it has achieved a Silver Hosting Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic Continue Reading