E-commerce delivery: Why is it essential to provide an optimal logistic experience on your web shop


Delivery is becoming increasingly important for online shoppers. These days, many web shops are focusing on delivering orders as fast as possible, but they often do not offer enough options. A European study (MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015) with 3,000 online shoppers, aged 18 to 65, indicated that the logistic experience is key in the online buying process. No less than 49% of the consumers is willing to pay more for their purchases if they can select various delivery methods.

For an increasing number of customers, choosing the delivery time and location is an important factor alongside the delivery speed. Customers do not always want to receive their order as soon as possible, but they do want to choose a delivery where they can receive the parcel themselves. For instance, online shoppers often choose delivery in a collection point so they can decide when to pick up the parcel: after work, during lunch break or even in the weekend.

Source: MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

Source: MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

Offering a parcel in a collection point is a great service towards your customers, but it also slightly goes against the comfort of online shopping. The solution is therefore offering several options. Enable your customers to choose their own delivery time or location. Do they want to receive the parcel during the day, in the evening or on a Saturday? Do they prefer home delivery, delivery at work or at a collection point? Online shoppers want to choose where and when they receive their order. To have a choice in the delivery gives the customers control. Control of their own freedom. Offering your customers choice, speed and convenience in the delivery will increase the purchase probability.

Online flexibility

Source: The most popular new delivery methods via the DHL Parcel Intervention portal – Oct ‘15-Feb ’16

Source: The most popular new delivery methods via the
DHL Parcel Intervention portal – Oct ‘15-Feb ’16

Our busy schedules sometimes prevent us from being at home at the chosen delivery time. This is why you should give your customers more options by enabling them to intervene in case of a first missed delivery. If your customer is not at home when the courier visits, he/she can plan a new delivery moment via an online intervention tool on another day or at a different collection point. An intervention function not only offers your customers a flexible service, it also contributes to a sustainable process: guaranteed successful delivery!

When we look at the trends in the DHL intervention portal, it strikes us that when the recipient is not home during the first delivery attempt, people tend to opt for delivery at a different DHL Parcel collection point than initially planned. In addition, the trends of our intervention tool also indicate that all other available delivery options are also significantly important. These options give the customer a sense of freedom, flexibility and indicate professionalism of the sender.

Return solutions

Source: Consumers who purchased articles online, knowing that they will (partly) return them (according to age) - MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

Source: Consumers who purchased articles online, knowing that they will (partly) return them (according to age) – MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

Apart from various delivery methods, the return solutions are also of high importance. While returning was originally important for consumers after buying, it now plays a crucial role in the purchase decision itself. As well as the delivery methods, the return options also influence the consumer when choosing a specific web shop. In addition, an increasing number of consumers make an online purchase with the intention of returning part of the purchases. Just as in fitting rooms, the consumer wants to try on several articles in various sizes and colours in order to make the right decision later on.

By offering your customers simple return solutions, you combine the convenience of online shopping with the freedom to make the right decision. Big players such as Zalando and bol.com are focusing on free and user-friendly returns. You too can offer your customers several return services. At DHL Parcel we can support your web shop in offering the following options: the customer requests a return label via your customer service, creates an online return label him/herself or uses the return label that is already in the box. With this return label, the customer can return the order via one of our DHL Parcelshops. With the biggest network of collection points in Belgium, DHL Parcel is always close to you and your customer.

The key to success

The trend has definitely been set: those who want to be successful –as the leading web shops such as Bol.com and Amazon- need to expand their delivery options. However, is it also possible for a small web shop to offer this type of service? Yes, because the world of logistics is always evolving and will need to continuously offer improvements and innovative solutions to optimise the logistics experience of the consumer. Solutions that can provide an upgrade in service for the big players as well as for small start-up web shops.

Source: MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

Source: MetaPack “Flexible delivery options” 2015

It is safe to say that many consumers find where, when and how their parcel arrives remarkably more important than the price. The delivery time, speed, location and the return solutions are the major motivators for a customer in choosing a specific web shop. Provide flexibility by choosing a logistics partner who is close to your customers and offers a wide range of delivery methods and return solutions. With the right offer of brands or products and an optimal logistics experience, you are at the start of a success story!

As official partner of PrestaShop, we at DHL Parcel want to help you write your success story. Click to download our free shipping module, request an account number and ship your parcels fast and easy with DHL Parcel.

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