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Email forwarding – Control WebPanel Wiki

When you activate email forwarding then you will not receive an email copy to your inbox, but you can do this trick to keep the copy of emails in the mailbox.

In this example, we will show you how to keep incoming emails in the mailbox and also do forwarding
– create mailbox/email address
– create alias/forwarder with the same name as mailbox
* when creating alias/forwarder you can enter multiple destinations, to get a copy of the email to your inbox you need to add your mailbox to “forward to” address and then after it forward to address separated with the comma.

We want to forward email john.doe@cwp.com to gmail john.doe@gmail.com and also to keep the copy of the email in the john.doe@cwp.com mailbox.

Create mailbox and alias
mailbox: john.doe@cwp.com
alias/forwarder: john.doe@cwp.com
forward to: john.doe@cwp.com,john.doe@gmail.com

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