Essential Practises of Building a User-friendly Mobile Site

A mobile site is a trimmed down, digestible version of your desktop website, providing the most up-to-date and relevant information for users on-the-go. Everything about your mobile site should reflect what is useful for your mobile audience. Here are some tips to building a user-friendly mobile presence:


Leave only the Essentials. Think about what your customers need to know about your business when they are out and about, and highlight this information on your mobile site. Be sure to put information about your location and opening hours, click-to-call links or a contact form so that your business is easily accessible.


Keep it Current and Evolving. If your mobile site contains news or any other articles, use a mobile site content manager that utilizes your RSS or Atom feeds to provide the most up-to-date data. Change your mobile campaigns often to keep your users interested and coming back for more. For example, have a mobile coupon of the week or offer prizes on a regular basis for contacting your business via the mobile contact form.


Dedicate a Page to Every Theme. Because small screen sizes come the with mobile device territory, it is essential to keep content to-the-point and well organized. It is not possible to have more than one string of content happening at once as it is on desktop sites, therefore it is better to dedicate a separate mobile page to each topic of content and provide seamless navigation from every page.


Make it Easy to Navigate. Keep the sitemap to only two or three levels of navigation so that the user doesn’t feel buried in content. Most desktop users have several tabs of content open at once so that they can go back and forth with ease; and since this is not the case with mobile users, keeping the site to only a few levels of navigation makes it much easier to use. Be sure to provide home and related page links on every page so that users will be able to click from page to page efficiently.

To reap the true benefits of a mobile presence, it is important to keep the content focused on what is relevant to users on-the-go. By condensing the content to the essentials, updating the site on a regular basis, and making sure it is easy to navigate, users will have a good experience on your mobile site and it will become an instrumental part of your web strategy.

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