Some times explanations won’t do and you need to take control. For that, you need the latest 3CX WebMeeting update with a re-designed Remote Control function to enable you to do just that: take control of a meeting participant’s PC for demonstration or assistance. And to top-up the Web Meeting experience, you can now conveniently send and receive files via the updated “Meeting Chat” to share with all participants. How’s that for a mid-summer surprise update?

Easy Remote Control

The revamped remote control feature with 3CX WebMeeting update

The updated Remote Control function was specifically re-designed to be quick and easy to use. No lengthy install, complicated component setup or configuration. Just fire-up 3CX WebMeeting and send a request to remotely control any participant’s PC with these new features:

  • Single-step install – the meeting participant gets a link to quickly install and activate the Remote Control client app and allow their PC to be remotely controlled. All done within minutes!
  • Bidirectional text clipboard – have the client app installed on both the organizer’s and participant’s sides and share a common clipboard to copy-paste with ease.
  • Share any screen – the screen selection dialog now uses the Windows display settings API (Application Programming Interface) to support any number of screens.
  • Secure access – full compatibility with Windows security framework, UAC (User Account Control) and the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Minimum requirements – fully compatible with limited-privilege users to simplify deployments in secure and locked-down network environments.
  • Record remote sessions – just hit the “Record” button to capture your remote control session via 3CX WebMeeting and get the video at the end of the meeting.

For more info see our step-by-step Video Conferencing for Advanced Users guide.

File Transfers in Chat

File Sharing with 3CX WebMeeting Update

This 3CX WebMeeting update also introduces a much-awaited general file sharing function between meeting participants.

  • Single-click share – drag-and-drop any file in the “Meeting Chat” panel or just click the “File upload” icon and select a file to share.
  • Monitor progress – check at a glance the upload or download progress icon for any shared file.
  • Temporary & controlled access – files shared are securely kept temporarily and deleted when the meeting ends.

Requirements & Known Issues

  • The Remote Control client is compatible with Windows x64 versions 7 and up and needs to be installed on the PC to be remotely controlled.
  • Screen selection intentionally not shown when the RDP target has only 1 screen.
  • Sharing is available for file sizes up to 64MB.

View the complete change log.