what is Kubernetes Design Architect?

Our Kubernetes Design Architect is a professional service to help your business plan, design, implement and train your staff to operate, and manage the right cloud-native technologies to improve the way you do business.

From security to cloud to social machines, we take the complexity out of Cloud Native solution management, so you can focus on running your business.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

To successfully implement Cloud-Native applications, a team of experts with the right skill sets is required. Thats where we come into your business to fill in the gap. Our experienced team of certified system administrators, engineers and architects work together with our team of business development and technical project managers to bring the vision into reality.

ReadySpace’s Certified Kubernetes Administrators stay on the cutting edge of the Kubernetes Ecosystem and work with large clusters every day in production.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

We are proud to be recognised by the community as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. KCSP program ensures that enterprises get the support you’re looking for to roll out new applications more quickly and more efficiently than before while feeling secure that there’s a trusted and vetted partner that’s available to support your production and operational needs

With this certification, we want to give you the confidence that we can deliver Cloud Native applications for your business.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Our involvement on building up the Cloud Native eco-system has gone further as a Member of CNCF. Being part of an official member in CNCF has allowed us to propel ideas and direct the development of Cloud Native Computing itself. The influence allows us to be at the forefront of Cloud Native technology.

As an Open Source Cloud Service Provider, we believe that our commitment to industry development is vital to your success.

Our Skillsets

System Engineers

Design and manage infrastructure to run Kubernetes Clusters. Understand requirement from DevOps.

DevOps Engineers

Build CI/CD pipelines and filling up the gap between your developers and our system engineers.

Cloud Architect

Put various cloud technologies together with performance, availability and security in priority.

Technical Project Manager

You main point of contact to ensure smooth delivery the project you've entrusted to us.

Full Consulting and Implementation Process

Evaluate already existing workloads and gauge readiness for a cloud-native deployment. Determine the size of the environment and resource requirements to ensure an efficient production environment. Create a detailed plan outlining infrastructure, architecture and overall requirements.
Generate a detailed plan outlining the necessary hardware to support the architecture. Conceptualize physical server infrastructure and hardware server specifications. Plan topology, power, switching and networking infrastructure. Develop detailed specifications for Kubernetes clusters together with storage and networking concepts. Document operational requirements including the monitoring/logging setup, CI / CD pipelines, deployment strategies and cost management.
Evaluate architecture concept, iterate and finalize requirements. Setup and configure IT-Infrastructure including provisioning of bare metal servers, virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Install, setup and configure software components.
Setup and configure deployment pipelines integrate monitoring/logging components and onboard cost management solutions. Setup support channels and walkthrough maintenance protocols/procedures.
Continued System and DevOps services for ongoing maintenance to ensure maximum uptime. Manage Kubernetes infrastructure including servers, storage and networking and maintain containers/images. Consult on optimizing efficiency & utilization of workloads as well as controlling and reporting costs. Assist in on-going security, maintenance, upgrades, updates and troubleshooting.

Cloud Native Technologies We are Experience In

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