Five of of the Worst Viruses You Haven’t Heard Of

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  • September 25, 2012
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It’s hard to imagine a world without computers, mobile devices or the Web. Cyber criminals and malicious hackers know just how important these tools are to not only work, but everything we do in our personal lives as well.


And because we rely on them so heavily, they are a prime target for attack. Viruses and other malware used to attack computers, networks and websites has changed over the years.


Initially, these malicious programs were written to be mischievous. While destructive in nature, they did not have the same intent and outcome that malware does today. Nowadays, cyber criminals stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from malware.


Unfortunately there are just too many strains of malicious software out there for each one of them to make the news like they did in the old days. Below is a list of five viruses that didn’t get as much coverage but certainly did a lot of damage.


The most devious ones…


VirusesThe world’s most deadly software viruses can cause great harm to your computer. Therefore, you must be aware about these viruses so that you can get the real protection to save your computers from the harmful effects of the viruses.


These viruses are –


1. Love Hurts- Generally, this virus comes through the chat messenger system. It also comes from e-mails. It can overwrite many files. This virus blinks in your mailbox with a message called “I Love You”. Until date, it had affected many computers and this worm is very dangerous for the internet explorer in modifying the start page. It by itself overwrites .jpg and .gif files and sent copies with the help of Microsoft Outlook.


2. Klez- This virus was detected in the month of October 2001. However, it is not destructive but it remains widespread and becomes very difficult to terminate. Generally, it comes from the online networks and disrupts all your emails and files. It even destroys the antivirus products. This particular virus works like a definite worm. In e-mails, it goes around with the new senders to create a new type of infection for your emails and computer.


3. Red Raider- This particular virus affect on the corporate networks. With the help of IIS that is Internet Information Server, Code Red comes in and scanned internet for infection. It creates a great weakness on the IIS software. Certain measures are also available that be used to check on this virus.


4. Benjamin- This type of virus comes along with the sharing program that is Kazaa. While downloading, the Kazaa user finds that they are downloading the music files but in real, they are getting the virus to affect their computers. They generally create their own files and destroy the network connection and slowly it affects the hard drive of the computers.


5.– This virus automatically deletes all excel, PowerPoint and word files. It also alters the different files and makes it very tough for the user to recover. It also travels through the e-mails, shows you a fake message, and automatically sends replies to the senders keeping the subject line original.

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