A word from our Development Labs: Work on the latest v16 Update has reached Beta stage! Update 3 Beta has just been released with new security options for SIP trunks, higher availability, per profile Push messages and group chat customization. Download and try this Beta update while we keep moving forward to production-level stability.

Secure and Robust

v16 update 3 beta with SIP trunk security options and higher availability

Among the various fixes and performance tweaks, this new Beta introduces important back-end and front-end advancements:

  • Secure SIP Trunks – a new network security option when setting “Transport Protocol” to TLS (Transport Layer Security), enables you to upload a security certificate (.pem) provided by your VoIP provider. This enhances your PBX’s ability for end-to-end secure communications.
  • TLS Compliance Level – use the new “Enable PCI compliance SSL/SecureSIP Transport and Ciphers” option in “Settings” > “Security” to set PBX compatibility to TLS v1.2, or disable for compatibility with TLS v1.0 and legacy devices.
  • Web Service Reload – Update 3 Beta introduces PBX web service reloading instead of restarting, when updating the TLS certificates on 3CX-provided FQDNs. This approach leaves active calls intact and helps to enhance your overall PBX system’s availability.
  • Set Push per Status – you can now enable / disable Push messages for each status with the new “Accept Push Messages” option. Just click on the status profile to configure in Web Client’s “Settings” > “Call Forwarding” or set via the Management Console for the extension. This new feature will be also available on the soon to be released Android Beta app.
  • Named Group Chats – now you can name a group chat and will be renamed for all participants. This feature is available on the Web Client, as well as on the recently-released Android and iOS Beta apps.

How To Upgrade

Click on “Updates” in the Management Console’s Dashboard, select “v16 Update 3 Beta” and click on “Download Selected” to install this update on your PBX.

Alternatively, you can get the v16 Update 3 Beta for Windows or Linux:

View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.

Important: The Beta version should be installed only for evaluation purposes and is not recommended for production systems. This version is not covered by any support SLA.