Get the latest 3CX Android App with Car/Bluetooth support

Be sure to get the updated 3CX Android app available on the Google Play app store, featuring important stability and usability improvements. Added to the mix, are some pre-release features like the “Car/Bluetooth support” option for improved Bluetooth headset support.

Better Android Integration

Keeping the app’s code base stable, modern and secure requires setting a limit to device compatibility. The new 3CX app supports devices with Android versions 5 (Lollipop) and higher, providing better Android integration for a smoother user experience:

  • Tap the 3CX icon to call numbers with the app, right from the Android contacts UI. You no longer need to switch to the 3CX app to call contacts. Just use the standard Android contacts UI and call with 3CX!
  • Dialed external numbers in the app are now checked against your Android contacts to display their name. This makes it more straightforward to identify external callers within the app.
  • Introducing support for mobile LTE networks on IPv6. This is an important connectivity development for the 3CX app for Android, as you can now use it on pure IPv6 mobile networks like Rogers (Canada) and EE (UK).

Improved Stability

The 3CX Android app is available for a multitude of Android phones, currently covering >85% of all smartphones in the market. The new app version is more stable, incorporating stability fixes for the popular Nokia 6 and 8 devices. It is also faster with internal networking enhancements that make for speedier outgoing calls and messages.

Improved Bluetooth Headset Support

For devices running Android 8 and higher, the new 3CX app for Android introduces the “Car/Bluetooth support” option in “Settings” > “Advanced”. This currently experimental option integrates the app with the telecom framework API to manage call routing and bluetooth / car support. This option is turned on by default and available for testing on the following models for improved Bluetooth headset support:

  • Nexus 5X and 6P
  • Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
  • All OnePlus devices
  • All Huawei devices

This option is also available but turned off for all Samsung devices. We are working to refine this functionality and automatically enable improved Bluetooth audio routing on all supported devices. If you have connectivity issues with your bluetooth headset, try enabling this option and give us your feedback as a comment on this post.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • On Samsung S8 and S9 with the “Car/Bluetooth support” option enabled, bluetooth works but calls have one-way audio.
  • On Samsung S10 with the “Car/Bluetooth support” option enabled, incoming calls work and can be answered via bluetooth, but all outgoing calls fail. We are working with Samsung to address this, as the issue is attributed to Samsung internal sources.
  • When working with different phones and various bluetooth headsets, you may experience audio routing issues. To troubleshoot these audio issues try toggling between “earpiece” to “speaker” twice.
  • Always check the available battery level when encountering issues. Some phones on low battery enable battery optimization tweaks, that may affect apps and their functionality. A good practice is to try and reproduce the issue when your phone’s battery is charged to at least 50%.

View the changelog and give us your feedback via our dedicated community forum.

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