How WordPress Multisite can make it easer to manage multiple websites

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Multisite will hold plenty of advantages for many admins. Because you can save time, money and stress. All by using a single WP instance to service several different websites by means of the WordPress Multisite feature. Here are the advantages.

Reduced server load

With WordPress multiple installations, each WP instance consumes a lot of resources just to stay alive. You need enough disk space and RAM to run WordPress. And this increases with the more instances you put on a server. Multisite from WP reduces this load because it uses one instance and one code base.

The same goes for the plugins and themes you use on WordPress. Because with Multisite, you can use a single plugin and theme instance. So you don’t need to keep several copies of the same code on your machine just to run discreet websites. You can effectively run them using the same code.

Reduced management tasks

It’s quicker and easier to manage updates for plugins, themes and the entire WP CMS with just one code base. You only need to update and bug-fix once. Then, you can stick to a single backup for both WP and the SQL database. Optimizing WordPress is also a pain – but with WordPress Multisite’s single codebase, you only need to optimize once.

It also helps to have just one set of credentials when you administrate WP. You can manage all content from one console. Of course, you also save time because you don’t need to set up WordPress for every new website.

Sites appear discrete

Users see the websites in WP Multisite as discrete websites, and individual sites can use their own domains. And this is true for SEO too! Search crawlers simply see each domain as a separate site. So, using WordPress Multisite won’t affect your SEO results.

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