Improve the performance of your e-mail marketing campaigns using an effective prospect database!

Sending e-mails as often as possible to the highest number of customers possible… That’s a reaction that’s still ingrained, but it can actually cause opening and click rates to fall!

The golden rule for boosting campaign results is to put together a top-notch prospect database and qualify it as often as possible!

Our e-mail marketing expert SendinBlue gives you the keys to do so, through five tips listed below. Consider it advice to help you effectively build and maintain your prospect base, thus boosting your sales:

  • Tip no. 1: Start with your customers
  • Tip no. 2: Attract future customers
  • Tip no. 3: To qualify contacts, use confirmed opt-in
  • Tip no. 4: Maximize efficiency
  • Tip no. 5: Don’t rest on your laurels

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