ISPConfig Migration Tool 1.4.4 released

The migration tool helps you to import data from other control panels (currently ISPConfig 2 and 3, Plesk 10 – 12.5 and Confixx 3) into a new ISPConfig 3 or ISPConfig 3.1 single- or multiserver installation. The tool can also be used to import the configuration and data from an ISPConfig 3 server into another ISPConfig 3 or ISPConfig 3.1 server, use cases are e.g. merging of several standalone servers into a new single or multiserver setup and also migrations where you want to move a complete ISPConfig installation from an old to a new server.

Whats’s new in version 1.4.4

This release adds support for Plesk 12.x as source system and fixes several bugs.

Users that own a Migration Tool license can download the new version through their SendOwl download link.

Read more about the ISPConfig Migration Tool here:

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