The Call Flow Designer’s stream of updates continues bringing users an auto-updater, new C# components, UI updates and improved error control. All in all, this is a must-have CFD release to get and start building your voice apps for v16 Update 1.

Download the latest Call FLw Designer update from 3CX

Development Environment Updates

The latest IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in CFD provides a significant boost to the built-in development framework and functionality with:

  • New Execute C# File & Code components: These two new components replace the “Launch External Script”, with the ability to include C# code files or inline code snippets in your CFD projects.
  • New set extension status component: Adds a dedicated component to simplify setting an extension status from your CFD apps.
  • Better error-control: The updated Expression Editor now validates values more strictly, catching errors early during project compilation and before app deployment.

Improved Usability Features

Apart from the development environment updates, this release also bundles some usability tricks up its sleeve:

  • Auto-updater: Bundled in the new CFD is an auto-update function that checks for any CFD updates and enables you to download and upgrade on the spot.
  • The new “Save Project As” file menu action enables you to easily save a CFD project with another name or in a different location.
  • Quick Audio Prompt Access: Conveniently use the “Open Audio Folder” context menu action on audio-enabled components, to open a file explorer view to your project’s audio prompts folder.
  • Better display of disabled components: Disabled components now appear as dimmed gray to visually distinguish from active call flow objects.

Installation Instructions

This update requires 3CX V16 Update 1. To install the new Call Flow Designer:

View the change log and give us your feedback via our dedicated community forum.