With the release of v16 many partners and customers alike were eager to find out when the new Call Flow Designer (CFD) for V16 would be ready too. Great news! It’s here and it’s better than ever.

The new CFD expands on V16’s flexibility and enables you to create and maintain powerful customized call flows. This update provides a clear migration path for your existing projects, along with new components and updated functionality.

Updated Call Flow Designer Functionality

Creating call flows in 3CX V16 update 1

This release builds on the previous version’s flexibility and stability, while adding these new features and functionality:

  • Generated CFD apps are compatible with V16.
  • Existing apps built for V15.5 can be easily migrated to V16 with a few steps.
  • New components to attach data to the call and retrieve attached data.
  • The MakeCall component provides a boolean result to indicate if the call was successfully connected or not.

Installation Instructions

The new CFD version works with V16 Update 1, currently in Preview and soon to be released. To try out the new Call Flow Designer:

  1. Download 3CX v16 Update 1 Preview. The Update 1 Preview build can be used only for test purposes and can be updated later via the built-in update function. Do not install this build on production systems.
  2. Download the CFD setup package and install on your computer, using the instructions in the Call Flow Designer install guide.

Migrating Existing Projects

To migrate your existing CFD projects from v15.5 to v16 Update 1 Preview, follow the instructions in the Testing, Debugging and Migrating Call Flow Designer Applications guide and watch our Project Migration How-To video.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Dialer components are converted but need to be called (either manually or via script) in order to start making calls. Avoid using dialers in new projects, as they are soon to be deprecated in favour of outbound dialing via REST API.

View the change log and give us your feedback via our dedicated community forum.