New Kolab Releases (1): The Seafile Extension

Part Home Office, part road warrior

If you’re like many of us, you work on a laptop on the road, but use a desktop for your home or office workstation. You know, with three monitors, a powerful graphics card and plenty of storage.

When you edit documents in one place, you would love to have the same copy automatically synchronize to your other computer. Well, now you can. Furthermore, AirDropping files right onto colleagues’ or customers’ screens is as smooth as it gets.

Kolab lets you share with users, groups – everyone

You can easily share libraries, directories or individual files with other Seafile users. Create groups for teams or generate download links so you can share larger files with anyone you want.

These are just a few top features you get with Seafile. Learn more about Seafile by Kolab in this documentation.

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