New Update for the 3CX Android Business App – Less battery use and more

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

The 3CX Android Business App latest update ensures less battery consumption and moreThe BETA release of the latest 3CX client for Android was very well received. Our development team worked hard on making massive improvements to the app, adding new features and also making some interface changes – all to make the user’s experience more seamless.

Some of the features worth highlighting are less battery and memory usage, the PUSH functionality has come leaps and bounds, QR scanner improvements, OPUS codec support and the ability to have multiple devices registered for PUSH on the same extension – this will however require V15.5, Update 6 which is not released yet, so wait for it!

More features and improvements:

  • Improvements in PUSH reliability – made more robust and reliable.
  • Ability to have multiple mobile devices registered for PUSH for the same extension (will require an V15.5, Update 6)
  • Less battery and memory usage for devices with many contacts
  • Added TLS 1.2 support for Android devices using Android 5.0 and below.
  • Added partial match ability when dialing numbers. Typing an incomplete number will now be matched and completed with the first available contact match in your phonebook.
  • Improved the QR scanner – it no longer requires specific Android OS version & Google Store Updates. It also includes targeting scanner & haptic feedback when a QR code has been scanned.
  • Several visual improvements.
  • Added an “Exit Confirmation” notification when pressing the “Back” button on any Android device.
  • Added support for the OPUS codec.

View the complete change log.

Install the latest Android client from Google Play or update the existing app if you already have it on your device.

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3CX is a PBX software available in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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