Our runway selection of 6 online fashion stores

Online fashion stores as an extension of brand design: Our top six picks

To kick off Spring Summer fashion weeks around the world, we’ve selected six online fashion retailers that communicate their design aesthetic not only through the clothing they create, but also through how they present it on their online store.

These six fashion eRetailers recently caught our style eye for their carefully chosen user interfaces, intelligent use of color, and an overall style consistent with their brand story and positioning.

Now is the moment to upgrade your online fashion store, so grab some inspiration from this diverse selection of PrestaShop online clothing stores. (And don’t forget to check out our must-have features list here).

1) Ba&sh

Contemporary Fashion – France
Check out their site here ( https://ba-sh.com/fr/en/)

A joint creation by French women Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, Ba&sh is all about contemporary fashion with classic lines. With a brick-and-mortar presence in more than seven countries, the online store is a welcome addition for their very international clientele.

Aesthetic: Paris chic: airy and simplistic, yet warm and modern.
Why we like it: The spacious feeling, emphasized by the white background and elegant slim fonts, puts the clothing in the spotlight. Ba&sh is about silhouette, and while the header slider offers oversized artistic portraits to immediately establish warmth and the unique brand aesthetic, the clothing product shots adhere to a minimalist approach to deliver a better user experience in-line with the brand’s understated chic.

Features: Product pages offering six multiple photos from different angles and simple product descriptions that are easy to navigate. Color scheme: pale grey on white.


2) Bimba y Lola

Check out their site here (www.bimbaylola.com)

Concept Fashion Spanish

This quirky Spanish womenswear brand focuses on prints and fabrics, while keeping silhouettes minimalist. They also offer shoes and an extensive range of jewelry and accessories, such as scarfs, hats and iphone cases, all echoing the decorative, quirky prints of their clothing.

Aesthetic: “Beautiful kooky”, boho, bright quirky.
Why we like it: The site, like the clothing, is on the very right side of “nearly kitsch”. The fluorescent side bar complements the floating artistic photos. Scrolling down the minimalist homepage, we nearly mistook it for a concept photography site.

Features: Direct category selection from side bar means customers are at checkout in three clicks. Product pages offer full-size images of each angle on scroll so one gets a real feel for the item. Search, shopping basket, social and contact links take up little space on the smaller right sidebar, but remain prominent and easy to decipher. An example to follow.


3) Faguo

French Men’s Footwear
Check out their site here (http://www.faguo-store.com/en)

This French men’s shoe store also offers a limited selection of accessories, clothing and women’s shoes. The idea? For each pair of shoes sold a tree is planted in France.

Aesthetic: Authentic, down-to-earth, hands-on, no-nonsense.
Why we like it: This simple site is blog-meets-online-store. Product pages are easy to view and display a high resolution pop up of items when opened. The eBoutique seems almost secondary to the brand story of two Paris friends and their successful launch of a sustainable brand that respects the environment.

Features: Direct category selection from side bar means customers are at checkout in three clicks. Product pages offer full size images of each angle on scroll to give a complete idea of the item. We liked the map displaying the location of planted trees in the “Universe” category, and the homepage widget showing how many trees have been planted thanks to the brand.


4) Manoush

High-end women’s fashion France
Check out their site here (http://www.manoush.com/e-boutique)

Founded in 2002 and with a brick-and mortar-presence in more than 24 countries, MANOUSH is the French fashion house of designer Frédérique Trou-Roy. Today, inspired by different cultures from around the world, the brand’s original inspiration came out of a trip to Morocco. Subsequent collections have been inspired by provinces in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Aesthetic: High-end, feminine, bohemian and artisanal.
Why we like it: The importance of a site’s background can’t be underestimated, and this site is the proof. While many online fashion stores play it safe with a light background to keep things easy on the eye, this brand has dared to be different. With the delicate print they manage to create a scrapbook-like effect in line with the brand’s travel theme.

Features: Product pages with vertical scroll of large size product views. We like the easy to use language choice buttons on the bottom right.


5) Envie de Fraises

Check out their site here (http://www.enviedefraise.fr/inspirations)

Founded in 2006, Envie de Fraises is a leading European maternity brand only available online, with a trendy offer that includes essential pieces for modern moms-to-be. The brand is headquartered in Paris and the clothing is manufactured in France.

Aesthetic: Quality, French-made maternity wear and accessories.
Why we like it: The site offers a huge selection that includes pretty much everything a woman could need during her pregnancy and nursing period. Yet the navigation is easy and instinctive. It’s easy to search for a specific item or browse categories such as inspiration, nursing or family, from the most practical basics to seasonal fashion collections.

Features: Great navigation. In-context product shots keep the site looking lively and fun without being overwhelming.


6) Custo Barcelona

Check out their site here (https://custo.com/ue/en/)

Started by brothers Custo and David Dalmau in 1981, Custo Barcelona was born on a motorcycle trip across America. Inspired by the lax attitude of southern California, the pair returned to their native Barcelona and started a business crafting T-shirts for men and women with screen-prints and illustrations. Now the brand extends to everything from suits to swimwear, and it’s still the colors and prints that keep bringing customers back.

Aesthetic: Bold, bright, and psychedelic
Why we like it: Considering 85% of Custo Barcelona’s sales come from international sales (according to this NY mag profile), their online presence is more than a detail. The extravagant style of the clothing is balanced by simple menus and a block layout displaying mixture of runway, product and lookbook shots.

Features: Dynamic product category pages jump to a side angle view on scroll over. An innovative product view filters by size and price, as well as view selection, to display more or fewer items horizontally for those who are sick of scroll.


If you enjoyed browsing this selection, download our Lookbook: Ecommerce Design Inspiration for 2016 for more inspiration.

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