Overcoming Phone Frustrations with Mobile Web Services

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  • September 21, 2012
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The Value of Extending Mobility to the SMB


Mobile phone usage has soared as users come to depend more on the convenient device in their pockets, over a heftier computer counterpart. A 424-page Morgan Stanley Report stated that half a billion people accessed mobile internet in 2009, with usage expected to double within 5 years. By 2015, mobile web usage will overtake PC usage. Many mobile web users already rely on mobile web only, not having a desktop, tablet, or PC, including 25% of all US mobile web consumers.


Providing mobile web services to the SMB is an opportunity still in its prime. Web services providers can offer customers a flexible, easily integrated mobile web services package, which make building an optimized mobile website a breeze, and having a mobile app just as easy.


What is an Optimized Mobile Website?

Unoptimized vs. Optimized Mobile Website

When you search the web on your mobile phone, you may notice how some mobile websites are:


  • too small to read
  • too difficult to navigate
  • not user-friendly

Who suffers from this breach in functionality?


The consumer does not have the desired convenience and ease of use anticipated with the ownership of a smart phone.


The business suffers for not making their core offering available to the vast and daily growing mobile phone population.


With today’s phones, mobile navigation and search should be easy. Users are searching for an enjoyable, interactive mobile experience. If the business does not present itself well or clearly to mobile phone viewers, the potential customer will opt for a competitor’s services.

Why SMBs are Not Already Mobile?


Businesses express a need for mobile services, but have to meet too much criteria to have a full range of mobile services. Mobile businesses have a competitive advantage, but taking a business mobile can be too complicated, expensive and daunting.

Spa Mobile Website


If I own a spa and want to offer my customers the ability to view my services, make appointments, find my location from their phone, receive loyal customer promotions, and use marketing tools like SMS and QR Codes, I have to find different companies to:

  1. Build a mobile website
  2. Build an application
  3. Manage my advertising


Although mobile services would improve my business, I would not invest the money, due to the required budget and effort. Does that mean I am not intrigued by offering an optimized mobile website or application? Certainly not.

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