Office Mail

what is Office Mail?

Email Security in minutes – No more undelivered Emails – Guaranteed Blacklist Proof.

E-mail is now de facto communication channel between businesses today. ReadySpace Office Mail is a simple secure email hosting service for business communication globally. It comes with business features such as mail monitoring, reliable anti-virus and spam filtering, managed outgoing email blacklist reputation and more.

If you are facing issues with sending emails to others constantly, this is the right solution for you.

Office Mail can be used as part of a collaboration tool like Zimbra, MDaemon, Microsoft Exchange, IceWarp and more. These tools significantly improve productivity between colleagues and teams.

Prices Start from


  • Blacklist-proof
  • SSL Secured
  • 3 Mailboxes
  • 3GB Storage

Features and Benefits


Monitor in/out-going emails of all users to ensure communication quality.

Generous Diskspace

Huge diskspace provided for your emails.

E-mail Security

Anti-virus and spam filtering, managed outgoing e-mail reputation.


SSL/TLS Encryption now comes standard.

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