SpamExperts Email Security

What is SpamExperts?

With the growth in quantity and complexity of threats now sent and received by e-mail, successful e-mail security is business critical. As a business owner, you do not have the time or resources to deal with the headaches caused by viruses or spam. Spam Experts security solutions offer the most effective security and compliance services on the market and have huge advantages over on-premise infrastructure and software solutions.

Email communication is critical in today’s business world and protection from threats like viruses, spam, phishing, denial-of-service attacks is essential to prevent disruption of email services. That’s where Spam Experts comes in, it’s easy to deploy and requires no upfront investment. Our hosted e-mail security-as-a-service model gives you the benefits of 99.92% spam and 100% virus protection.

More than just security protection, SpamExperts also provides you with unlimited storage for e-mail archival. You don’t have worry about e-mails getting lost anymore. To add on, this service takes a step further by ensuring your e-mail delivery to always have high reputation.

SpamExperts Email Security


  • In/Out Bound Email Security
  • Anti Spam and Virus
  • Support 1 Domain Name
  • Unlimited Users
  • Web Base Reports
  • Full SSL
  • Optional Email Archival
  • Standard Support

Monthly Starting Price

Create a free ReadySpace Cloud Platform account to greater pricing details.


Built on the widely-used Linux platform, our email security product gives you the stability you needed. A control panel is provided to you for easy management, search and find out e-mails that you needed.

To ensure high-availability, e-mail servers are clustered for better resilience.


IP Blacklist Resistence

No more email delivery issues.

Unlimited Users

Service is charged based on per domain basis. You can freely create e-mail addresses without cost increase.

Unlimited Archival Space

Emails are store up to 5 years without diskspace capacity issues.

Cross Platform

Supports any e-mail servers and systems in the market.

In/Out going filter

Protect e-mails both ways to ensure 100% security.

Multiple Geolocations

Full redundancy with servers globally.

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