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Our team have worked with over 700 clients creating, designing, building a customised cloud strategy that works.

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  • Linux or Windows

  • 1 Core Processor

  • 1GB Memory

  • 25GB SSD with HA

  • 1000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 1 Core Processor

  • 2GB Memory

  • 50GB SSD with HA

  • 2000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 1 Core Processor

  • 3GB Memory

  • 60GB SSD with HA

  • 3000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 2 Core Processor

  • 4GB Memory

  • 80GB SSD with HA

  • 4000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 4 Core Processor

  • 8GB Memory

  • 160GB SSD with HA

  • 5000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 6 Core Processor

  • 16GB Memory

  • 320GB SSD with HA

  • 6000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 8 Core Processor

  • 32GB Memory

  • 640GB SSD with HA

  • 7000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support



  • Linux or Windows

  • 12 Core Processor

  • 48GB Memory

  • 960GB SSD with HA

  • 8000GB Transfer

  • Various Locations

  • Standard Support

What is a cloud server?

Are you constantly troubleshooting your app development but ended up finding out that it is a server infrastructure fault? These time are really wasted and so much more can be done.

This is why we created Cloud Servers.

For more than 17 years 💪, our team of engineers are working 24×7 🌟 for developers like you so that you can build your app half of the time. Yes, our engineers are able to help you offload all server administration and platform task so that you don’t have to. After developing your app, our expert tech engineers are on standby online 24×7 🌟 to ensure that your app runs constantly and secure so that business transactions can always be done 100% 👊 of the time. Plus, with a good end-user experience, your customers will trust you more, keeping them coming back to you again and again.

Our community of about 3000 app developers and over 1,000,000 users running on across 6 datacenters globally cannot be wrong. 🤩

Now you can think of how you can spend time with your family and friends. Enjoying the life that you should have while your app is doing all the work for you. Who doesn’t want to build apps that are successful right? You can now get to your goal faster! 🤝👍

Just last year alone, we have successfully helped more than 600 app projects up and running securely. Since the start of 2020, even more, app started running.

The Problem:

Deployment of physical server hardware requires delivery time and manpower to mount rack and stack them. It takes a lot of time and cost to just deploy resources for software development or application implementation.

The Solution:

With Cloud Servers, it is now possible to deploy server resources on demand with little to no cost. This reduction in time and cost enable software developers and businesses to start deploying business applications fast and in a scalable way.

Main Benefits:

  • Security
    Don’t worry about security, our 24 x 7 team will be there standing by to answer your questions to make sure your app is secure enough.
  • On demand scalability
    You can create, delete, create, delete servers as many times as you like. Each one can create within minutes and remove instantly.
  • Fast support
    You just need to let us know what you need to achieve, and we will set up within the day to start your app adventure.
  • Automation
    Network automatically setup for you, you don’t need to try figure it out.

Technical Specifications:


Keep your important information safe within an internal network. Configure multiple servers and connect them together through internal IP for maximum security.


Using Software Defined Storage technology - You no longer have to think of how to maintain high uptime. All Cloud Servers will failover automatically when there is a fault within the same region.


Comes standard with all Cloud Servers. High performance and IOPS for any demanding workloads you have.


Upgrade server resources when it is being maxed-out. With just a few clicks, your server will be powered up for your user demands.


Fast connectivity to your users is vital to any business success today. Available in US, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Migrate your virtual machines workloads from your on-premise data center into a fully managed data center. Or run hybrid cloud by connecting workloads using virtual private network.

ways you can use cloud servers

Our customers use Cloud Servers to scale their businesses to greater heights


Give your ecommerce business a super boost

Speed is essential when it comes to online business and getting transactions. With Cloud Server, you will give your users super fast experience to shop with you.


High performance required for gamers

With virtual CPU and RAM, the load is taken off from end user devices to ensure the best gaming experience.

Business applications

Automate your business processes

A growing business needs systems and automation to ensure smooth operations. Cloud Servers enable your business applications like ERP, HRM, POS and more to run at optimal performance. Meeting every need of your clients.

What our clients say?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Server?

If you require a better website and email performance than business hosting plans, try a Cloud Server with a minimum of 1CPU/1GB. You can get a Cloud Server with as many as 32 cores and up to 256GB RAM from us.

What is fully managed Cloud Server?

ReadySpace Support manages the hardware and software portion of your Cloud Server, so you can focus on customizing your required third-party software, scripts, and other settings.

Why are Cloud Server plans more expensive than Web Hosting or WebSpace Plans?

Regular web hosting usually splits software and licensing costs across all the users accessing the server. On the other hand, Cloud Server do not let other users access the files and resources.

Since only you can access them, the entire cost of licensing and software should be covered by you.

When should I move to Cloud Server?

If you want to scale more from your shared hosting or simply want more control, a Cloud Server is the next recommendation for your hosting needs. This gives you more freedom with root access to Apache and PHP. When you choose Cloud Server, you have the luxury to select a configuration best catered for your applications, requirements, and growth.

Who can use Cloud Server?

Those with technical expertise are recommended to use our Cloud Server although you will not find it much more difficult than using a shared hosting experience. You will be able to manage your plan via cPanel as well. Those who require more resources can definitely upgrade to Cloud Servers.

How do i upgrade my Cloud Server?

Upgrade your Cloud Server experience anytime by contacting our 24/7 support or you may contact us at our Whatsapp, call us up by clicking the upper right side of our website.

How do I migrate my web hosting content to a Cloud Server?

If you’re currently a ReadySpace customer, you may contact us for a migration. You may also do your own migration of data and application to your Cloud Server as well as reconfigure the DNS.

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