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Server Security Advanced for Cloud Server Windows (Hong Kong)

Hi everyone!

In line with the recent focus on heightened cyber security, we have listened to your needs and are extending the new and improved server protection to all new Cloud Server Windows subscriptions for Hong Kong/China!

Starting from next week (15th May 2018), new Cloud Server Windows (Hong Kong/China) will come with the following additional Security Features:

– Anti-malware/HIPS/Live Protection
– Web Security with Download Reputation
– Detect Potentially Unwanted Applications
– Web Control
– Application Control
– Data Loss Prevention
– Automatic Scanning Exclusions
– Anti-ransomware Protection
– Application Whitelisting with Server Lockdown
– Malicious Traffic Detection

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to write to for any clarifications or additional information that you may need. 🙂


ReadySpace Team 

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