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They didn’t do many system updates either…

Even though we are “just a phone system”, 3CX releases versions frequently and requests that its users stay current. Not infrequently customers draw a comparison with their old phone system and say that it didn’t need to be updated so often.

Yes, but that was an old style hardware PBX connected to the PSTN and to its desk phones with its own wires. It was oblivious to the outside world and most of the times couldn’t even connect to the internet. Of course it doesn’t need much updating.

Built for the Internet & for Modern Communications

3CX on the other hand is built for the internet – and this is for your benefit. You can use your smartphone to call from anywhere. You can fire up a browser and have a video meeting with anyone. You can connect a SIP trunk to take advantage of low cost calling and have numbers anywhere you like. You can have 3CX connected to the internet with peace of mind, knowing that we protect against latest methods of SIP attacks.

This means we need to interact with the latest versions of smartphones and the clients have to be updated for each version of iOS or Android that comes out. It means we have to ensure our video platform works with the latest versions of browsers. To have up to date security in place and use latest security mechanisms and certificates we need you to have the latest version of 3CX.

Of course we could run several code bases and keep updating our old versions. Yes, but it would mean the cost of 3CX would easily triple. And that’s assuming we could find developers that would want to do that – updating old stuff instead of innovating and building new features for the latest platform.

Upgrading is Easy and Free

Of course we realize that to stay current we have to make the upgrade process easier. And that’s exactly what we have been working at. V15.5 is an inplace upgrade from v15. You can upgrade in a matter of minutes. With the Debian Linux version you will be able to update to the latest version of Debian without even touching the operating system!

If you are running v14 though – it’s still an easy upgrade. Backup your phone system, install v15.5 and restore your configuration. It can all be done very quickly.

Now if your maintenance has expired – no problem at all. Convert your license to a yearly license free of charge, same edition, same size. Take advantage of our offer here.

You should be aware that the smartphone clients will no longer connect to v14 systems from 1/1/2018. Of course v14 can be used without smartphone clients. We hope you will upgrade to the latest version instead though!

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