ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200128

New Features[Cloud Servers] Added: Option to use MAC address from assigned IP[Cloud Servers] Added: Support for network rate upgrades.[Payment] Added: Ability to enter CVC/CVV and custom amount[Payment] Changed: The plugin user interface has been improved[Domains] Changed: Domain renewal order is canceled after the domain grace period ends[Client Area] Added: option Continue Reading

Cyber and Physical Convergence is Creating New Attack Opportunities for Cybercriminals

What next? To address the challenges highlighted in the report from Fortinet, organization need to take the following steps: Evolve defenses to address the increase in cyberattack complexity. Just as cybercriminals employ machines to propagate botnet attacks, organizations also need to leverage technology advances in the area of AI/ML to combat new, machine-generated Continue Reading

Using Services to Fill Critical Security Gaps

Adopting Security Services To address these challenges, along with the growing cybersecurity skills gap that is impacting organizations of every size, businesses need to consider adopting security services to supplement or even replace their existing security programs and solutions. This approach can tighten security, fill critical gaps, and address issues Continue Reading

cPanel TSR-2019-0001 Full Disclosure | cPanel Newsroom

Yesterday we released new builds for versions 70, 76, and 78. These updates provided targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. Below is the full disclosure of the updates that were included in these builds. SEC-415 Summary Internal data disclosed to OpenID providers. Security Rating Continue Reading

MDaemon Has been Updated to Version 17.0.3

As any software company knows, it’s important to listen to our customers and address any issues that may be reported. With this in mind, our development team has released MDaemon 17.0.3. This minor update includes various improvements to WorldClient Instant Messenger and other minor fixes. Click here to read the Continue Reading

Full Support for IPv6

Let’s Encrypt is happy to announce full support for IPv6. As IPv4 address space is exhausted, more and more people are deploying services that are only reachable via IPv6. Adding full support for IPv6 allows us to serve more people and organizations, which is important if we’re going to encrypt Continue Reading

Black Hat Las Vegas 2016 Observations: The Security Conundrum

On Wednesday, Dan Kaminsky delivered the opening keynote address at Black Hat. His talk was entitled, “The Hidden Architecture of our Time: “Why This Internet Worked, How We Could Lose It, and the Role Hackers Play,” and detailed the challenges and risks of the Internet, and what vendors need to Continue Reading