Using Services to Fill Critical Security Gaps

Adopting Security Services To address these challenges, along with the growing cybersecurity skills gap that is impacting organizations of every size, businesses need to consider adopting security services to supplement or even replace their existing security programs and solutions. This approach can tighten security, fill critical gaps, and address issues Continue Reading

Infographic: Protecting Today’s Financial Services Industry in a Digital Environment

Consumers around the world across a variety of industries are adopting digital technologies to improve their daily lives, and they expect organizations to support this behavior. In the financial services sector, they’re using technologies like digital banking and insurance apps for tasks that used to be completed offline. While the Continue Reading

How GitLab 9.0 Boosts Collaboration Through Visibility, Accountability, and Measurement

From re-organizing teams to adopting new architectures, we’re seeing a massive shift in how enterprise development teams build products. Ultimately, the goal of all of this change is to deliver amazing customer experiences, repeatedly. For most teams, a shift in the way they work will require changes to their tooling. Continue Reading