Zooming-in on Group Replication performance

A previous blog post exposed the main factors affecting Group Replication performance, which was followed by another that showed the scalability of both single-master and multi-master throughput. In this post we return with more “inside information” that may be useful for optimizing the performance of Group Replication deployments. 1. End-to-end Continue Reading

As Your Company Goes Increasingly Wireless, How Do You Protect Your Network?

Back in June, we talked to Fortinet’s Doug Ramos about issues and trends affecting enterprise wireless environments today. We followed up with Doug to discuss how the growth of wireless devices and enterprise applications affects the way you design your wireless network, and how you control access. Q & A Continue Reading

cPanel Security Team: glibc CVE-2015-7547

cPanel Security Team: glibc CVE-2015-7547 CVE-2015-7547 is a critical vulnerability in glibc affecting any versions greater than 2.9. The DNS client side resolver function getaddrinfo() used in the glibc library is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow attack. This can be exploited in a variety of scenarios, including man-in-the-middle attacks, Continue Reading