Using Mautic for Contact Management

Mautic allows you to build a rich and functional database so your company is able to make automatic campaigns based on the information provided and the behavior of each contact individually and personally. An up-to-date contact database can efficiently reach all your contacts so you are able to target an Continue Reading

Is SMS making a comeback among messaging apps?

Is SMS making a comeback among messaging apps? Skype Lite app introduced a new feature which allows you to send text messages via SMS to friends Facebook Messenger is lending support for the traditional text messaging service SMS Sarahah has risen in popularity as is trending at No.4 in Continue Reading

Rise of the Funnel Cloud: When Good Clouds Go Bad

What is a cloud, really? In the simplest terms, the cloud allows users to store and access data and programs on someone else’s hardware, usually over the internet, rather than using their local device or network resources. But it is much more than simply offsite storage. It also includes services that Continue Reading

How to enable mod_suexec with Apache

How to enable mod_suexec with Apache on CentOS WebPanelThis module allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and group. Don’t enable this module if you don’t need it as it will add additional execution time for your scripts. This module is recommend for servers having enabled cgi-script and Continue Reading

The per-channel replication filters

In 8.0.1, we introduced per-channel replication filters. This allows user to specify different replication filter rules for different slave replication channels. Therefore, the slave will be able to filter out (or transform) the execution of selected replicated changes on a per-source basis when using multi-source replication. In 5.7, we have Continue Reading

Protecting everyone from WordPress Content Injection

Today a severe vulnerability was announced by the WordPress Security Team that allows unauthenticated users to change content on a site using unpatched (below version 4.7.2) WordPress. CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Nicola Sap De Mitri The problem was found by the team at Sucuri and reported to WordPress. The Continue Reading

Bladabindi Remains A Constant Threat By Using Dynamic DNS Services

The Fortinet research team has been developing a industrial-grade analysis system that allows us to concentrate information from samples collected from a variety of sources. Using this tool, we recently started to see the recurrence of URLs from the domains and In most cases, each sample was connected Continue Reading

Building the simplest Go static analysis tool

Go native vendoring (a.k.a. GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT) allows you to freeze dependencies by putting them in a vendor folder in your project. The compiler will then look there before searching the GOPATH. The only annoyance compared to using a per-project GOPATH, which is what we used to do, is that you might Continue Reading

Boost traffic with Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a paying service offered by Google that allows online retailers to list their products using a cost-per-click model. Like other Google advertising programs, the higher the bid, the higher the chance of ranking in search results, though product relevancy and Google’s special Shopping algorithm also come into Continue Reading