ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20201015

New Features[Domain Names] Changed: Domains with special characters are converted to IDN format[Network] : Added with RPKI for enhanced security Bugs Fixed[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice date changes when the final invoice is issued after generation[SuperScaler] Fixed: Second currency on the invoice is shown in the same amounts as main if the Continue Reading

ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200618

New Features [SuperScaler] Changed: Improved UI for ordering process that looks cleaner and easier. [SuperScaler] Changed: Name changed for Office365 to Microsoft 365. [SuperScaler] Updated: Invoice details for payment that is clearer. [Cloud Infra] Added: Option to upload ISO from local computer. [Cloud Infra] Added: Support for ZSTD backup compression Continue Reading

ReadySpace New Update

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200528

New Features[SuperScaler] Added: Price is now automatically changed based on exchange rates.[Cloud Server] Added: Option to create default bridge mapping for private lists.[Cloud Server] Added: Option to use external bandwidth monitoring app for bandwidth usage data and graphs.[WebSpace] Added: New WebSpace plans that comes with backup service for Web site, Continue Reading

MAAS – Fast and efficient virtualisation for small and medium enterprises

The advent of virtualisation has significantly changed the way we use IT infrastructure. In theory, the ability to share single server resources to run multiple isolated operating systems provides flexibility and promises easy operations. However, in practice, managing virtualised infrastructure can be quite expensive and complex as a result of Continue Reading

The Power of Virtual Cell Wi-Fi

Wireless access has not only revolutionized networks. It has profoundly changed our culture. It has transformed how and where we work, how we interact through social media, and how we stay connected with family and friends. The challenge we are now facing is Wi-Fi saturation. Given the number of connected Continue Reading

Announcing the new Community Writers Program

The GitLab Community Writers Program has changed. Now our community contributions will be published as Technical Articles in our Documentation Portal. Continue reading to understand what else we’ve prepared for you. You write, we publish, you earn up to USD 200 per article! ? Please check the program webpage for Continue Reading