Why you should buy a pre-installed Ubuntu workstation | Ubuntu

Dell offers numerous workstations that come pre-installed with Ubuntu. For users wanting to run Ubuntu, pre-installed hardware offers a lot of long term benefits. On top of receiving the Ubuntu desktop experience out of the box, users receive specially fine-tuned features that complement their chosen hardware. For a PC to Continue Reading

Mautic + Acquia 90 Days

The time has come. We have reached the 90-day milestone of the Acquia-Mautic merger. We are eager to discuss the roadmap items, plans, and proposals for the Mautic community as part of Acquia’s new role. We are excited to share how we plan to support the community and facilitate its Continue Reading

Byline: Securing Your Enterprise’s Expansion into the Cloud

For enterprises, the very real benefits of moving applications to the cloud also come with significant challenges. Whether their using the public cloud, a private cloud or, as is often the case, a hybrid of the two, it’s necessary to optimize application performance to get the full benefits of cloud technology and Continue Reading

eCommerce Success Story: Selling Fly clothing since 2000

When we interview PrestaShop merchants for success stories, one thing seems to come out time and time again — they have a passion for the products they sell. Jonathan Hedden, owner of FlyClothing.com, is no exception, only he started selling online before PrestaShop was even created. Long before online shopping Continue Reading

Going to IETF 95? Join the TLS 1.3 hackathon

If you’re in Buenos Aires on April 2-3 and are interested in building, come join the IETF Hackathon. CloudFlare and Mozilla will be working on TLS 1.3, the first new version of TLS in eight years! At the hackathon we’ll be focusing on implementing the latest draft of TLS 1.3 Continue Reading