Rotating binary log master key online

Starting on version 8.0.16, MySQL server introduces a new command that allowsfor the binary log master key rotation, online! When binary log encryption is enabled, the binary log master key can be rotated online by using the following new command: ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE BINLOG MASTER KEY; ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE BINLOG Continue Reading

Live Code Updates Using WebDav

In a recent blog post we covered how you can use the oc rsync –watch command to perform live synchronisation of code changes between a local filesystem and a container. This worked by virtue of the oc client monitoring the local filesystem directory for file changes and when they were Continue Reading

Fortinet Security Fabric: Protecting the Unique Environment of Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control System (ICS) is a general term for command and control systems designed to support industrial processes. We find ICS environments in all industries: manufacturing, automotive, medical systems, refineries, power, water, and more. With the rise of Industrial IoT (I-IoT), connected devices such as electric meters, water flow gauges, pipeline Continue Reading

How is team-member-1 doing?

The engineer that gave the unfortunate command to delete our primary database was not only on our minds but also of other people. He’s known by the community as “team-member-1”, as we refered to him by this expression in our public communications during the incident. After we posted the postmortem Continue Reading

Import / Export MySQL Database

How to import or export MySQL database with command line.This is also useful when working with big databases. Export database info file mysqldump DATABASE-NAME > FILE-NAME.sql Export database into compressed file to save space mysqldump DATABASE-NAME | gzip FILE-NAME.sql.gz Export database into compressed file with date name to save space Continue Reading

STOP SLAVE Improvements for Multi-Threaded Slaves

When using a multi-threaded slave, the STOP SLAVE command could take a long time to return because the slave waited for workers to catch up processing the queue. This blog post is about improvements that have been made in MySQL 5.6.26 and later to ensure that STOP SLAVE returns quickly Continue Reading