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Set up MX records for G Suite Gmail – Control WebPanel Wiki

To start using G Suite, you need to verify your domain and configure your domain’s MX records to direct mail flow to Google mail servers. 1. Verify domainVerifying the domain will help you start using your Google services, such as G Suite, Drive Enterprise, or Cloud Identity. If you have Continue Reading

CentOS Web Panel News

How to configure Spamassassin – Control WebPanel Wiki

Hi, there is how to configure Spamassassin + CWP’s mail server. First, we have to edit Postifx and SpamAssassin configs.The /etc/postfix/master.cf has few variants at the time (january 2019)a) mail server built without ClamAV+SA+Amavis (you must install SpamAssassin manually) smtp inet n – n – – smtpd # -o content_filter=smtp-amavis: Continue Reading

Group Replication – Consistent Reads Deep Dive

On previous posts about Group Replication consistency we: introduced consistency levels; explained how to configure the primary failover consistency; presented how to configure transaction consistency levels to achieve the consistency required by your applications. In blog 3. we presented the consistency levels: EVENTUAL, BEFORE, AFTER and BEFORE_AND_AFTER; their scopes: SESSION, Continue Reading

Connection Management in Database Jones

How does an application configure its database connection?  I find this to be a pretty interesting question. As the application moves from a developer’s workstation to a test harness, then to staging, and on to production, the database connection properties can change each time.  What’s more, a separation of responsibilities usually Continue Reading

CSF/LFD Firewall configuration

With CWP you can simply configure CSF/LFD firewall by using CSF Firewall module.In CWP.admin go to: Left-Menu –> Security –> CSF Firewall Here you can whitelist, block or unblock IPs.For additional configuration you can click on Firewall Configuration button and there you can check or edit CSF firewall configuration. ** Continue Reading