IoT Security: Trickier Than You Think

In the new digital economy, access to data is critical. Meeting the shifting demands of consumers, monitoring and managing critical network and system components in real time, and creating algorithms to extract meaningful information from the Big Data these devices can generate are all necessary to compete in the new Continue Reading

Infographic: Protecting Today’s Financial Services Industry in a Digital Environment

Consumers around the world across a variety of industries are adopting digital technologies to improve their daily lives, and they expect organizations to support this behavior. In the financial services sector, they’re using technologies like digital banking and insurance apps for tasks that used to be completed offline. While the Continue Reading

Five tips to choose the right payment method to grow your online store

The popularity of an online shop amongst consumers depends increasingly on the selection of payment methods available. At the end of an order process, customers want a selection of payment methods that they like to use and that are both simple and practical. Customers will only complete a purchase and Continue Reading

5 steps to a successful email campaign

Did you know that 61% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails?If you thought email was old news, think again. 89% of marketers still rely on email to generate business. As a merchant, you can put this simple, inexpensive technique to work for your business to generate leads, drive Continue Reading

3 ways to personalize the customer journey and increase online sales

75% of consumers say they like it when brands personalize the shopping experience, with 54% going as far as to say that they would consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they weren’t given tailored content and offers. Personalization, then, is clearly a consumer-led trend with a bright future. Continue Reading