54 Now in STABLE Tier

cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM software version 54, which is now available in the STABLE tier. In a departure from our usual version number, we’ve dropped the “11” from cPanel & WHM releases. This change provides increased clarity for our partners and users while more accurately reflecting the Continue Reading

Marketing Book Club

Effectively marketing cPanel to the web hosting community involves creativity and collaboration. As a confessed bibliophile, I can’t help but wonder which books inspire my colleagues to do their best work. So, I asked them. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Barbara Aquino Gregory, Sr. Web/UI/Graphic Designer: “This book Continue Reading

cPanel Security Team: glibc CVE-2015-7547

cPanel Security Team: glibc CVE-2015-7547 CVE-2015-7547 is a critical vulnerability in glibc affecting any versions greater than 2.9. The DNS client side resolver function getaddrinfo() used in the glibc library is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow attack. This can be exploited in a variety of scenarios, including man-in-the-middle attacks, Continue Reading

An Interview with Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS

As both WHMCS and cPanel have finished our move to our new offices, released new versions of our respective software, I wanted to take a moment to catch up with Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS. Below is our conversation where I ask some questions about the relationship between our companies Continue Reading

Where is my Two Factor Authentication?

cPanel & WHM version 54 introduces the new Two Factor Authentication features for the cPanel and WHM interfaces. This feature is one of the most highly requested features on features.cpanel.net. We at cPanel worked hard to bring this in cPanel & WHM version 54.  When the new feature hit the Continue Reading

The 3 Different Applications for cPanel Webmail

Webmail is one of the most commonly used features in cPanel. As opposed to having email delivered from the server to a desktop application, Webmail allows users to check their messages from their browsers. Currently, there are three different Webmail applications available, each with their own subtle differences, but all Continue Reading

Update Your Style for Version 54

In cPanel and WHM version 54, the cPanel interface is changing in a lot of ways, which means the way you customize cPanel styles will also change. With a few more elements and classes, you can easily update your 11.52 style to 54. Before we updated to version 54, we Continue Reading

cPanel Branding Basics: A Guide for Reseller Hosts

cPanel & WHM is a tool that has become synonymous with web hosting. However, while hosting providers around the world use this software to offer their customers the freedom to manage their websites, email accounts,  databases, and more, they have also been given very few options when it came to Continue Reading