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Custom DNS Zone Template – Control WebPanel Wiki

Custom Default DNS Zone Template You can change a default DNS Zone template which is used when creating a new-account or domain.By default, cwp is using default.tpl for all new accounts and domains. If you need to change it please note that you need to make a file as default.tpl Continue Reading

CentOS Web Panel News

Build React Native Apps: Demo by MEDL Mobile

July 19, 2017 by Holly Regan App developer MEDL Mobile has built numerous custom apps for both Android and iOS devices. Its new open-source project uses React Native and Wowza GoCoder to build module-based custom mobile apps. From the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, production manager Mike Gilmore and Continue Reading

The next version of Joomla! is just around the corner

With over 700 improvements, including fantastic new features like custom fields, a multilingual association manager and an improved workflow, Joomla! 3.7 is clearly something to celebrate and it is easy to see why it has the Joomla! Community very excited. Here’s a quick look at the major new features* included Continue Reading

Notifications in control panel

Now you can send notifications into the cwp.admin control panel with your custom scripts.Notification generator script will help you and generate the unique id for each message. Script Usage: /scripts/add_alert ALERT-TYPE “Short Text” LOG-FILE-LOCATION /scripts/add_alert alert-danger “this is my test” /var/log/php-rebuild.log ALERT-TYPE – Available Alert Typesalert-danger, alert-success, alert-info, alert-warning, alert-dismissable Continue Reading

Enable Apache modules

Since CWP is using a custom compiled apache from source, you can easily enable additional apache module in CWP by going toApache Settings –> Apache Re-Build To rebuild apache, select apache & suPHP version For additional module activation you only need to add a new line in the text box, Continue Reading