FortiGuard Labs Weekly Threat Update – Week of 27 September 2019

Each week, FortiGuard Labs publishes a Threat Brief to subscribers that profile notable hot topics and threats that were discovered or discussed during the week. Here is a recap of what we are covering in this week’s Threat Brief: Malware and Zero Day Attacks We breakdown our analysis of a Continue Reading

BPM Meets Mobile: Low-code Development

As the wave of digital transformation disrupts businesses, each day the landscape of almost every industry is looking increasingly different than the one we were all familiar with. Companies are continuously looking at ways to improve their operations and logistics to give them a jump on their competitors. Change is Continue Reading

GitLab 9.2 Released with Multiple Assignees For Issues and Pipeline Schedules

Create Merge Request from Issue With each iteration of GitLab, we strive to make going from idea to production faster and smoother. This new small tweak allows you create a merge request right from the issue page, with GitLab creating the associated branch automatically in the background for you. It’s Continue Reading

Introducing Argo — A faster, more reliable, more secure Internet for everyone

The Internet is inherently unreliable, a collection of networks connected to each other with fiber optics, copper, microwaves and trust. It’s a magical thing, but things on the Internet break all the time; cables get cut, bogus routes get advertised, routers crash. Most of the time, these failures are noticed Continue Reading

European VAT on distance selling

VAT (the acronym for Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax applied in all Europe by each European state (meaning “country”) at different rates (ranging from 15% in Luxembourg to 27% in Hungary), albeit under common rules. VAT must be embedded in the retail price. There is a specific VAT Continue Reading

The Best of Both Worlds – How Fortinet is Securing Your Data Center

With each passing day, enterprise networks are evolving. It started with the advent of virtualization, when companies realized that they don’t need a single server per application. Ever since, there has been a consistent march towards the purely virtual data center. While networks are evolving, so are the threats they Continue Reading

The merchant’s guide to Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is the crowning night of America’s favorite pastime. Each year, football fans tune in to see who will take home the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the rest of America hangs around for the legendary commercials. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or dread Sunday nights in winter, Continue Reading