Double-clicking On Last Week’s Mautic + Acquia News

After a big announcement like we had last week, there are always questions and even a degree of uncertainty. Many topics were covered in a Q&A session last week with Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, and Mautic founder, DB Hurley. But communication is vital to any community, so we wanted to Continue Reading

Cybercrime At Your Service, Mac

There is a pervasive belief, even among security professionals, that Apple Mac devices are immune to security breaches. And while there is some truth behind that belief, it’s time that we take this particular attack vector more seriously. In my opinion, part of the reason why folks have been rather Continue Reading

Why More Companies Are Adopting Open Source Technology

98 percent of developers use open source tools – even when they’re not supposed to! Here’s why. Our Global Developer Report explores how developers’ methods are changing, and how businesses can adapt to get the best out of their development teams. More than half of our respondents identified as developer Continue Reading

Android Malware Masquerades as Banking App, Part II

New variants of android banking malware target even more German banks, popular social media apps, and more Summary In my previous blog I provided a detailed analysis of a new android banking malware that spoofed the mobile applications of several large German banks to trick users into revealing their banking Continue Reading

Advances in Advanced Threat Protection

This week Fortinet announced even more advances to our award-winning, ICSA-certified Advanced Threat Protection solution – because, apparently, awesome simply wasn’t good enough. What is Advanced Threat Protection? The unprecedented growth of devices, users, applications, transactions, and services passing through the increasingly distributed corporate infrastructure is transforming networks. And much Continue Reading