How to Cost-Effectively Dynamically Analyze UEFI Malware

A FortiGuard Labs How-To Guide for Cybersecurity Threat Researchers Introduction Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is a specification that defines an interface between platform firmware and an OS. In a nutshell, UEFI replaces the BIOS in previous systems. Since UEFI is required for Secure Boot (ever since the Windows 8 Continue Reading

Fave Zimlets – Expand your Zimbra Web Client Capabilities like a Pro, Part I

Zimbra Web Client is highly extensible thanks to Zimlets. A Zimlet is a magical piece of code within Zimbra that makes both the Zimbra Web Client and the Zimbra Desktop easier to use. Read more about the Zimlets DYK blog post here. In this blog post, we show you some Continue Reading