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How to install mod_cloudflare – Control WebPanel Wiki

Based on mod_remoteip.c, this Apache extension will replace the remote_ip variable in user’s logs with the correct remote IP sent from CloudFlare. The module only performs the IP substitution for requests originating from CloudFlare IPs by default. In addition to this, the extension will also set the HTTPS environment variable Continue Reading

Webuzo News

Fixed: Addition of mysql extension in PHP 7.3 extra.ini which caused PHP startup error to be displayed

There was a bug in all the recent MySQL and MariaDB packages that MySQL extension was getting added in PHP 7.3 binary after installing MySQL on server, which caused the following PHP startup error to be displayed:PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘mysql.so’ (tried: /usr/local/apps/php73/ext/mysql.so (/usr/local/apps/php73/ext/mysql.so: cannot Continue Reading

Our runway selection of 6 online fashion stores

Online fashion stores as an extension of brand design: Our top six picks To kick off Spring Summer fashion weeks around the world, we’ve selected six online fashion retailers that communicate their design aesthetic not only through the clothing they create, but also through how they present it on their Continue Reading

Marketplace Extension Quality Program Update

Earlier this year, Magento introduced the Extension Quality Program which consists of business, technical, and marketing reviews that all extension submissions must pass in order to be listed on the Marketplace. From a technical perspective, the program leverages Magento software development guidelines and verification tools to ensure that extensions have Continue Reading

Install ssh2 php extension

Instructions for installation of PHP extension ssh2. cd /usr/local/src wget http://www.libssh2.org/snapshots/libssh2-1.6.1-20160109.tar.gz tar -zxvf libssh2-1.6.1-20160109.tar.gz cd libssh2-1.6.1-20160109 ./configure –with-php-config=/usr/local/bin/php-config make make install cd /usr/local/src wget http://pecl.php.net/get/ssh2-0.12.tgz tar -zxvf ssh2-0.12.tgz cd ssh2-0.12 phpize ./configure –with-ssh2 make make install Activate it in your PHP config file: /usr/local/php/php.ini extension=ssh2.so Check if ssh2 extension is Continue Reading