Another day, another attempt to scam me – but I know a phishing attempt when I see one!

It’s just a fact of life: If there’s email, there will always be spam. Now, how much spam you have to deal with will depend on how good your spam filtering solution is. Here at MDaemon Technologies, we use our own products – MDaemon and Security Gateway, to filter out Continue Reading

How to get a profitable online store by setting an ideal shipping price

Shipping orders is one of the most important parts of running an online store. In fact, there is no other way to reach your customer? Lots of companies are offering shipping solutions with multiple delivery methods. The fact remains that shipping is expensive,  a domestic shipment already costs around 5€ Continue Reading

How to get your e-commerce site ready for the Holiday season?

It’s a fact: Christmas is coming and with it comes a batch of excitement and preparation. Every year the digital agency NewQuest, a PrestaShop Platinum Partner, shares their “10 commandments” for getting your online store ready! By our web agency partner NewQuest. 1. Thou shalt optimize time At this time Continue Reading

Healthcare Networks Under Hack Attack

Whatever terminology you want to use for the hacking community – bad actors, cybercriminals, thorns in our side – the fact is that they are more sophisticated now than ever. And diligent. Recent years have seen both the proliferation of and gradual sophistication in their methods. They know that medical Continue Reading