Financial Services Cybersecurity Checklist: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Today’s financial organizations need to be able to conduct business in real-time while also protecting against cybercriminals that are targeting the highly-valuable data they possess. This is a tall task that requires dedicated staff and resources. But, where should you start? We’ve put together this financial services cybersecurity checklist to Continue Reading

Thinking Like a Cybercriminal to Prevent Financial Services Data Breaches

Cyberattacks on financial services institutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent. By using stolen legitimate credentials and malware to disguise criminal activity, these breaches can remain undetected for some time, making the financial impact irreparable. Take the recent attack against the central bank of Bangladesh, for instance, that not only Continue Reading

Cybersecurity: A Business Enabler for Leading Global Financial Institutions

Financial cybersecurity has become a front-and-center topic due to a number of recent high-profile breaches. In the last few months, we have witnessed one of the largest bank robberies ever – a whopping $81 million taken during the digital Bangladesh Bank heist. On the heels of the Bangladesh Bank heist, Continue Reading

Four Things to Look for When Evaluating a Financial Services Security Vendor

The need for cybersecurity vendors in the financial services marketplace has amplified as the threats have increased exponentially due to IOT, BYOD, and state-sponsored cyberterrorism, to name just a few factors.  When looking for proof of the financial sector’s concern with security, we need to look no further than a Continue Reading

Industries Perspective: Financial Services, Looking Ahead For Cybersecurity

Financial Services continues to be a sector that is discussed frequently in global cybersecurity discussions. As part of an ongoing perspective series, Fortinet’s Araldo Menegon shares some thoughts. Why has the Financial Services industry been so top of mind in regards to cybersecurity lately?  The FS industry continues to be Continue Reading

Securing Business-to-Business Environments

Business to Business, or B2B networks are pervasive within Financial Services network environments. They are also highly vulnerable to attack.  One reason is that these networks are often woefully unprotected. Some organizations have implemented simple firewall capabilities into these B2B networks, and most have VPNs. But because performance is paramount, Continue Reading

Industry Q&A: What is top of mind for financial services organizations in cybersecurity today?

Q&A with Brian Forster The financial services sector is a high-value target for hackers, and therefore always under attack. While it’s critical to ensure effective security, financial services must also be able to conduct business in…